CAC Trading

CAC Trading is a private company created in 2009 in Nicaragua by two experienced professionals with a background in the agro production and processing sector. The primary scope of the company was the trading of grains, mainly red bean, but also cacao beans and jicaro seeds.

In 2010, CAC started to work with chia, a species of flowering plant rich in omega-3 fatty acids. During the last three years, chia has become increasingly popular internationally due to the promotion of its remarkable nutritional qualities. The two founders soon realized the potential of that seed and focused their efforts to turn CAC Trading into a relevant player on the Nicaraguan market.

CAC Trading promotes the cultivation of chia by smallholder farmers and provides them with technical assistance to improve quality and yield. The company also organizes the whole collection process during the harvest period, as well as the processing and the export of chia, mainly to the USA. While in 2012, CAC provided financing to the producers with its own resources, starting from 2013, it has been able to involve microfinance institutions in the pre-financing. Thanks to a working capital loan disbursed by Impact Finance Fund in December 2013, CAC Trading scaled up their purchases for the 2014 harvest.

The most important impact of this new crop is economic. The growing price of chia is causing a significant increase in the income of farmers in a context where traditional commodities experience a price degradation.