Alimentos GICA

GICA is a private company created in 2011 by two cooperatives of producers to distribute their goods in Bogota. It started its own production to match the growing demand of organic tomatoes and teach best practices to members of the cooperatives.

In order to meet the increasing local market demand for organic products, GICA decided in 2013 to develop its own cultivation facility.

Thanks to a loan from the Impact Finance Fund in 2013 and another one from BBVA in 2014, GICA has bought a land in Sutamarchan, near Villa de Leyva and built five greenhouses of one hectare each. The first greenhouse started to produce in March 2014.

In the medium term, once the market position of the company is stronger, it plans to add more smallholder farmers to its supply chain, shifting from a regional to a national strategy.

This investment was the first investment of the Fund in Colombia.